Our Learn How To Sew Online Courses Really Do Work!

learn to sew is easy if you know how that is why i have created 5 steps to sewing success. I believe if you follow this system, you will have learnt to sew in know time. Learn to sew online the easiest way to master the art of sewing and tailoring and with a little help from the sewing guru Michael Coates, you will be able to achieve your sewing goals.  #learntosewonline.

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7 Reasons Why Our Sewing Classes Really Do Work

Meet Michael, Your very own personal 24/7 bespoke tailor teaching you every aspect of sewing


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Every lesson is an easy to follow video tutorial making this method the best way to learn!

We Start from the very beginning, no confusion just an easy to follow, step by step learning structure!

Are you a Beginner or a professional? No problem, we cater for you!

Our Step by step learning format is unique to us and guarantees results fast!

Every video lesson is designed for easy learning. Watching is easier than reading, Right!

We work on all devises. Take your sewing lessons with you and learn Anywhere, Anytime, on your mobile, tablet or PC!

Sew in the comfort of your own home. We are always there when you need us!

For 12 Months Membership What's Included.

Beginners Course

Sewing Machine Course

Advanced Lessons

18 Complete Garment Collections

And Much More

Plus a complete set of exclusive sewing e-tips

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For 12 Months Full Access learn to sew with the help of the sewing guru The Sewing Guru

Once you learn our concept you will be able to make any garment of your choice.

Our method is proven and really does work which speaks for itself as we have thousands Of satisfied customers who keep returning.

Don’t believe us? Give us a try, you will not be disappointed!

What will my membership include?

The Beginners Sewing Course - 21 exercises    to get you started in the world of sewing

The Beginners Sewing Machine Course. 10    lessons to get you familiar with the sewing    machine

10 Advanced lessons for the intermediate    sewer including seam types and pockets

Once you have mastered the beginners courses, you will be ready to follow our step by step full sewing collections.

Standard sewing collections.

How to measure

Pattern Construction

The Gents Tailored Trousers

The Gents Tailored Jacket

The Gents Tailored Jacket 2nd technique

The Gents Waistcoat

The Gents Shirt

The Dress

The Skirt

Ladies Trousers

Extended in depth sewing collections: These include pattern construction, measuring through to complete garment make-up.

The Gents Tailored Jacket-Shawl Collar

Classic pyjamas for ladies and gents

The Ladies Tailored Jacket

Classic Denim Jeans

Gents Waistcoat with Lapels

Classic Ladies Tunic

The Gents Tailored Trousers

Accessories - stand-a-lone collections.

The Classic Day Cravat

The Cravat

The Cummerbund

The Bow Tie

The Handkerchief

The Classic Tie

Other collections and courses

50 standalone step by step clothing    alterations videos

A Complete pet wear sewing course    containing a further 37 sewing videos

The Sewing Guru into video

WOW All of this for just $99

Become a sewing and pattern expert with the unique Sewing Guru system

Our tried and tested system works so well that once you grasp the concept you will never explore another way of sewing again.

So what is The Sewing Guru system?

Our system helps you become a sewing pattern expert.

Pattern construction can be daunting and hard to understand. Not any more, we will show you how. Our system works with any pattern and design of garment that you wish to make.

Our system helps you become a sewing expert.

With the sewing guru mix and match concept, you can create any sewing part and incorporate that into any garment of your choice.

Now it is up to you to decide. Sign up today and be prepared  to be amazed at how easy it is to learn sewing, tailoring and pattern construction