Sewing Videos Test for Apple-Mac

Please Note Before you begin the download

This is a test for people who have  an Apple-Mac computer.

If you have a Computer with a Windows operating system please follow the link here  

The player download is for the Flash (FLV) files only.

We also have the video files in MP4 format which should play on your Mac computer.  

Step One - download a player

Please start by downloading one of the FLV Flash players  

You can download the FLV player from the official Apple site here or

Follow the link here and install the Wimpy FLV player onto your computer.

Step Two - download a sample video

Download our sample FLV video here Sample Download FLV

Step Three - test your video

To play the video:

1. Download one of the FLV players from the links above

2. install the FLV player

3. Download the test video

4. With your mouse right click the newly downloaded video and select “Open With”

5. Select one of the newly downloaded FLV Players and your video should start to play

If you have any problems or simply need help email us via the contact us page


How to save the videos files on your computer

When you are watching a video from the actual site, these videos are viewed from a built in player from our server, this is not the case when you purchase a download collection from the download centre. In order for a video to play, you will need a video player installed on your computer.

The videos from the download centre are files in an mp4 or FLV (flash) format so you will need a video player installed on your computer to watch the video files. Please note, without a player installed on your computer, the files simply will not work.  

As the video files are in MP4 and FLV formats, you will need either one of these players to view the videos. There are various players available for free to download from the Internet or you can try one of our links from the video test page below

If you find that the players do not work from the test below, you can try searching for a free video player on the Internet. To download a free player, simply type “free flv player download” or “free mp4 player download” into the Google search engine resulting in various free players being displayed for download. There are players for Apple Mac and Windows computers so please download the appropriate player for your device.

Please note that these videos are just a test and the actual video files that you can purchase from our download centre are in both MP4 and FLV formats.  

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