The Sewing Guru Story Continued…..

Don Johnson Teaches me How to Sew!

It was 1988, and as a young man i was a huge fan of the TV series Miami Vice. Don Johnson’s character Detective James Sonny Crockett was a style icon, and i really wanted to own his signature white suit.

With every episode i watched my desire for the suit grew stronger and stronger until one day…..BANG…..i decided i must have it! And so the search began.

For months i went from shop to shop, but was always met with the same blank, slightly confused stare. Then one day i wandered into the men’s retailer Burtons. I approached a member of staff, fully expecting the usual reaction, but this time it was different.

I showed the assistant a photo of the white suit that i was looking for and said ” i am looking for a suit like this, do you have one in stock?”

“Let me go and check out back sir” came the reply, and off he wandered. My heart skipped a beat. Could this be the moment i finally laid my hands on the object of my desires?

“I’m sorry sir”, the sales assistant said , “we don’t have anything like that”.

Defeated, deflated and downtrodden i turned and walked out of the shop. The suit would never be mine.

And then it struck me!

If i couldn’t buy the suit then I'd make it. Just one problem though. I didn't know how to sew….

The Quest Begins…

I got home that day and started to research the best places to learn how to sew. At the time the only available option was either enrolling on a sewing course or going to an art college. So i applied to a sewing college, got accepted, and began my journey on the road to becoming a professional tailor.

The first day of college i was so excited. The world was my oyster and the suit would soon be mine and then everything changed.

You see what they don’t tell you is that learning to sew in a classroom is a very long, difficult process. Let me walk you through a typical sewing lesson so you can see what i mean:

1. The sewing teacher calls the class up to the front and demonstrates a sewing technique.

2. The class return to there seat and practice the sewing technique.

3. The sewing teacher wanders around, making the odd correction but because of the time constraints and sewing class size, they cannot attend to everyone’s needs.

4. The sewing class finishes and you have a rough idea of the sewing technique, but you don’t really get it.

So its incredibly difficult to really master the sewing basics and without the basics you can’t hope to make good quality items (or THE SUIT).

This didn’t stop me from trying though. I practiced sewing on my own but the results weren't pretty….

Gradually, though, things changed.

Each day of sewing i got better and better. My sewing techniques improved, my sewing skill was refined, and the quality of the clothes i made went from home-made to professional.

I finished the sewing college after 6 years of study and graduated successfully and then set up the first of my tailoring shops.

And what of the white suit i hear you ask… By the time i had the skill to make it, the TV series had finished and fashions had shifted. So i never did get to look like Don Johnson (although between you and me i still think about that suit everyday).


Something more remarkable happened. Shortly after i had a life changing revelation….  Sewing lessons online!

Learning to Sew Can Be Easy.

Why should learning to sew be so difficult?

This is a question that plagued me all the way through college and my career as a tailor or giving sewing lessons or sewing tuition.

Customers would ask me what the best way to learn how to sew was, and in all good conscience i couldn’t recommend any sewing classes, tailoring classes or good sewing DVDs because i wanted them to have great results quickly and not spend years trying to master the basics of sewing techniques.

This got me thinking – how i could help them how to sew and then i “got it”

One evening i was watching Gordon Ramsay (celebrity UK chef and restaurant owner) teaching people how to cook on television. He was at home, in his kitchen, going through all the techniques you need to make his own dishes….. And that’s when it struck me……Teach how to sew in a visual way.

Sewing Video Learning

If i could just put down the essential skills required to master the fundamentals of sewing and tailoring techniques in a simple to follow format. I could help all my customers achieve there desired goals. No more sitting around sewing classes, struggling to remember the technique that’s just been shown. My sewing videos, you can pause, rewind and watch as much as you wanted…….

But how to do it?

There was one clear goal in mind – the sewing lessons had to be easy to follow, informative and teach you the techniques of how we create garments in the sewing or tailoring industry.

The Sewing Guru, 4 years in the making!

I set to creating The Sewing Guru a sewing tuition and tailoring site teaching you how to create garments from scratch in a step be step sewing video format.

I also created a complete sewing course for the beginner and advanced sewing lessons to teach you the basics in sewing and tailoring and to give you the confidence in the world of sewing.

The Sewing Guru is like having a sewing teacher with you when ever you need them. Now 4 years on, I have created hundreds of sewing videos and completed 16 sewing video collections along with a beginners sewing course and a sewing machine course. The Sewing Guru will continue to grow with more sewing lessons and techniques to every eventuality in learn how to sew.

Well this is my story and hope that you have enjoyed it. Below is an overview of the Sewing Guru site. The number one online sewing course and the easiest way to learn how to sew.

The Sewing Guru, the ultimate online sewing course!

Each membership covers all sewing videos available within The Sewing Guru including all future sewing videos while your membership is active. Have a look to see what each membership includes here

As all memberships include all of the beginners sewing courses, you can learn sewing from the very beginning. Part of the beginners sewing course includes how to read a commercial sewing pattern so once you learn to read one you will know how to read them all. There are sewing patterns that will include more advanced sewing instructions but these are covered within our sewing collections also included within the membership. All sewing patterns follow a similar process so there will be no problem with incorporating all the sewing patterns that you may already have within the sites projects.  

The Sewing Guru is of a mix and match design for garment production. For example the process for attaching a centre vent in a dress is the same as that of a jacket. A concealed zipper in a skirt is the same technique of that within a dress. So once you learn every sewing technique you can pretty much create any design or style of garment that you wish.

As a member we offer sewing videos on sewing pattern construction techniques so we show you how to measure the body and manipulate a sewing pattern to fit those measurements. We find that if you understand the make-up of how garments are created, you will be able to manipulate any style of sewing pattern that you want. The fundamentals of garment creation are essentially the same throughout all standard garments. When you have learned to create each garment such as

Learning how to sew is Easy!

Learning how to sew is easy! well it should be easy, but in the real world it can be a real struggle. If you’ve tried any sewing courses, sewing classes or read sewing books before, you may have found:

When i started out sewing 23 years ago, i faced these problems too. But thanks to Don Johnson (yes…… read right!) i discovered how to sew and with a little dedication, just how easy it is to learn.

The Sewing Guru.Com

a standard skirt, a standard dress, a standard jacket etc, you will be confident enough to incorporate any sewing technique into a particular design. We show you how to create all of these garments on the site. Each garment is known as a sewing collection. At the moment we have 16 collections for you to master. Within the members section of the site there are measurement sheets, production garment sheets and some unique sewing pattens, these are all in a PDF format so they can be easily printed off.

The Sewing Guru is designed for the beginner all the way to the most advanced of sewers. We offer 2 beginners sewing courses which are included within all memberships. The first is the beginners sewing course which covers everything that you need, to get you started in sewing, the second sewing course is all about the sewing machine.

The beginners sewing course includes 21 sewing video lessons covering sewing equipment, sewing machines and using them, the overlocker, the iron, fabrics, how to use a commercial sewing pattern, and eventually easing you into making your first small sewing project. This sewing course comes with 21 e-books which correspond to each sewing video. The e-books are in a pdf format so they can be easily printed off.

The sewing machine course includes 10 sewing video lessons covering everything you need to know about the sewing machine. The sewing videos include sewing machine basics, sewing accessories, the bobbin, threading, sewing machine feet, sewing needles, cleaning your sewing machine and much more. Basically everything you need to know about the right sewing machine for you and how to use it. Again this sewing course comes with 10 e-books just like the beginners sewing course.

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